Aluminium foil & cling film

Anyone wanting to package foodstuffs is sure to come across COMCOPLAST's cling film. Particularly at fresh-food counters in food retail stores, but also in the food service industry, various kinds of cling film are used on a regular basis. As retail trade goods, they are also used in private households.

COMCOPLAST can supply you with cling film or aluminium foil, for example, to a wide variety of specifications. You decide on roll width, material thickness, roll length and core diameter. We can thus supply you with barrier films of excellent and consistent quality, always at optimal prices.

Cling film

COMCOPLAST's cling film is manufactured from polyethylene and has particularly high tear and puncture resistance. If you need cling film made of PVC, please look under the heading "Stretch film".

Cling film’s loose molecular bonds give it a high degree of adhesion, allowing it to wrap around and cling to the goods being wrapped (with the exception of smooth surfaces, such as glass, porcelain or metal) with an airtight seal. The film is available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

We recommend the use of cling film for almost all foodstuffs, with the exception of hard cheeses and fish, for which we would recommend that you use COMCOPLAST's aluminium foil.

Tip: If you keep cling film in the refrigerator, the film will be less self-adhesive.

Aluminium foil

COMCOPLAST's aluminium foil is produced by rolling and fabricating aluminium. It is gastight and airtight, and is soft and flexible after heat treatment, which is why it is frequently used in the packaging of foodstuffs.

Aluminium foils have the advantage that they can be used for the packaging of nearly all foodstuffs. Caution is advised only in the case of particularly acidic, salty and alkaline foodstuffs.

Aluminium foil is heat-resistant up to 600° C, and is thus also suitable for baking, grilling and steaming. It can be ordered in various thicknesses and lengths. Custom-printed folding boxes can also be produced.

Fish & composite films

Our composite film is a special form of cling film, which we supply in rolls or in the form of bags with self-adhesive seals.

This packaging film is now well established at fish counters in food retail stores, in particular, as it allows fish to be packaged for the end consumer at the POS in a portion-packaged form, with an airtight and moisture-proof seal, using a heat-sealing device.

The four-ply product with an aluminium outer layer means that the fish stays fresh longer and a targeted three-colour custom print design enables the wrapping to be used for the retailer’s marketing campaigns.

Tubular film is available as an 8 kg or 10 kg roll with a lay-flat width of 350 mm. For fish bags with self-adhesive seals, please look under the heading "Bags & sacks".

Flower, gift & barrier films

In addition to the cling film mentioned above, we do of course also supply numerous other plastic films for a variety of different uses.

For example, we stock PVDC-coated films for special packaging machines (SAM Kuchler) and for manual packaging (Saran wrap) in food retail stores; these films have excellent barrier properties against oxygen and water vapour. This makes them particularly suitable for packaging cheese for the sales counter.

In addition, we stock other forms of flat film, such as flower film and gift film, which are manufactured from PP or OPP and are thus particularly tear-resistant and transparent.

If you have any questions, our team of consultants will be happy to provide you with further information.

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