Aluminium foil

COMCOPLAST's aluminium foil is made by rolling and fabricating aluminium. It is gastight and airtight, and is soft and flexible after heat treatment, which is why it is frequently used in the packaging of foodstuffs.

Aluminium foils have the advantage that they can be used for the packaging of nearly all foodstuffs. Caution is advised only in the case of particularly salty, acidic or alkaline foods.

Aluminium foil is heat-resistant up to 600° C, and is thus also suitable for baking, grilling and steaming, and can be ordered in various thicknesses and lengths.

All aluminium foil can be ordered in standard versions or to your own specifications.

Display boxes for these can be custom printed and ordered in a variety of box specifications and qualities, and with or without a tear-off bar.

Packaging in custom-printed multipack boxes, for optimal presentation at the POS, is also an option.

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