Bags & sacks made of plastic

A wide variety of plastic bags and sacks are used wherever, for instance, foodstuffs have to be packaged or waste disposed of. COMCOPLAST supplies its bags and sacks made of plastic to the food retail sector, the meat industry, building cleaners and chain stores.

Bags and sacks essentially differ only in their size and thickness.

Flat bags and flat sacks

COMCOPLAST has a broad range of flat bags and sacks, which are used mainly on fresh-food counters in the food retail sector or in the meat industry. The bags and sacks are predominantly manufactured from HDPE or LDPE, and, on request, can be supplied with a bottom or side gusset (see side-gusseted bag). The size and the material thickness can be freely selected within the scope of the production parameters, and printing is also possible. Transparent (natural) versions of the bags and sacks are the ones most used. Of course, we can also supply these in a blue translucent variant.

You can also decide whether you would prefer your bags to be loose (unblocked), or have an eco-block or a top block (blocked across the entire width of the bag). Blocked bags are also often called tear-off bags, because each bag is individually torn off the block. Additional holes in the block make it possible to suspend them for easier removal.

Side-gusseted bags and sacks

In cases in which the capacity of the flat bag or flat sack is not sufficient, it can be increased by adding a side gusset. The meat industry and the food retail sector, in particular, regularly require side-gusseted sacks. Side gussets make it possible to produce very large-sized sacks, such as are needed for waste-disposal sacks in containers, for example.

The bags are manufactured using HDPE and LDPE - the latter also as regenerate, in the case of waste-disposal sacks. For part-baked goods or other foodstuffs that are intended for freezing, we supply freezer-safe bags made of HDPE-HT. An additive in this ensures that the HDPE remains soft, even after freezing.

As with the flat bags and sacks, most of the side-gusseted bags COMCOPLAST produces are transparent, although a blue-translucent version is also available. On request, printing can also be selected.

Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are used wherever foodstuffs need to be protected from spoilage. The product is packed in the vacuum bag, and the oxygen is extracted from it using a vacuum pump; the bag is then heat-sealed. Use of a special, very thick PA/PE composite film with an enhanced barrier function means that the product is hermetically sealed and is thus protected against rapid spoilage caused by oxygen.

COMCOPLAST can supply you with a wide selection of different sizes and material thicknesses.

Refuse bags & sacks

We stock a broad range of refuse bags and refuse sacks, made of a wide variety of materials. Our eco-line is generally produced using a proportion of regenerate and therefore has an excellent price-performance ratio. In this line we can offer you all types of roll goods with perforations or interleaved folds, drawstring bags and loose goods.

Refuse bags come in sizes ranging from small bathroom bin liners up to liners for conventional, medium-sized waste bins.

Refuse sacks, by contrast, are used for larger waste bins.

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