Organic trays

There is continuing demand among end consumers for organic products, in the food sector as elsewhere. Consequently, many food retailers already carry an extensive range of organic products in their fresh-food departments. Particularly following the numerous meat scandals, it is impossible in this day and age to imagine a meat market that did not include organic meat from organically-reared livestock.

To show that it is fully behind this development, COMCOPLAST carries as part of its product line Natural Box, a biodegradable tray made of 100% foamed PLA. 

The tray is made from renewable resources and is biodegradable in water and CO². The tray conforms to EU Directive 2004/19/EC regarding contact with foodstuffs.

Using Natural Box gives you the opportunity to put your environmental commitment into practice, not just in terms of the product but also right through to the POS, and ultimately also to advertise the fact.

Natural Box is also suitable for conventional industrial and manual stretch wrap machines (such as Walstar), without the need to alter the machine settings. 

Transport and storage temperatures of over 50° C are not recommended.

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