Organic carrier bags

In order to take constantly increasing environmental awareness into account and to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, bioplastics are gradually establishing themselves as a source material for service packaging.

Our organic carrier bags are manufactured from bioplastic and are therefore biodegradable. Bioplastics are produced using around 90% plant products such as maize, sugar, starch, lactic acid (PLA) or cellulose. This completely eliminates the need for mineral oil in the manufacture of plastic, making it possible to conserve limited fossil fuel resources and reduce CO² emissions.

Otherwise, COMCOPLAST's organic carrier bags are produced, printed and fabricated just like conventional carrier bags made of plastic. Provided that they meet the DIN EN 13432 standard, to date the only standard for biodegradability (in relation to industrial composting) in Germany, these bags are deemed to be extremely biodegradable. Products that meet this standard are eligible for certification by "DIN CERTCO Germany" and can be labelled and marketed using the "Seedling" logo.

In Germany, the term "biodegradable" is not protected; this category therefore also generally includes carrier bags made of fossil plastics, to which additives (such as EPI) are introduced to promote rapid degradation. Given that this usually only accelerates degradation in the visible range, but that pollutants still remain in the non-visible range, we do not recommend this design.

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