Code of Engagement

Our vision and our values set the tone for our conduct and actions within the company. Our uniform management principles are designed to ensure that we achieve this vision and live up to these values.

The Code of Engagement and the guidelines contained in it form the parameters for the activities of all our employees. They are an integral component of our corporate culture. On the one hand, our employees can use them as benchmarks, while on the other hand, they can expect to be managed according to these same guidelines. We expect all our employees to display equal measures of autonomy, active support for one another and a willingness to continue developing their skills and expertise. Mutual respect and trust are fundamental requirements for successful cooperation.

In detail, these guidelines are as follows:

Respect, tolerance, and openness create trust among employees!

Employees are only able to implement clearly defined and transparent objectives!

In order to achieve objectives, employee performance must be assessed and developed systematically!

Allocating tasks fairly and providing sufficient freedom to make decisions make for a productive work environment for all employees!

Motivating requires powers of persuasion and opportunities for individual creativity!

All employees are role models, as their individual achievements affect a company's success.

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