Disposable & reusable gloves

For cleaning purposes, and for the handling of patients and residents by healthcare and nursing care staff, disposable & reusable gloves are indispensable for hygiene reasons.

COMCOCLEAN can supply you with a range of products to suit your requirements.

Disposable gloves

COMCOPLAST's disposable gloves are ideal not only for use in the medical field, but also for many other activities where a high degree of hygiene is required. Our vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves are powder-free, and thus prevent allergies. For those with latex allergies, in particular, we recommend the use of our skin-friendly nitrile gloves.

We stock, packed in handy dispenser boxes

  • PE disposable gloves (see also Service items / Disposable clothing)
  • vinyl disposable gloves - sizes S to XL
  • latex disposable gloves - sizes S to XL
  • nitrile disposable gloves - sizes S to XL

Reusable gloves

Our professional protective gloves are classified as reusable gloves. They are excellent for heavy-duty tasks, and for protecting your hands from cleaning chemicals, etc. The cotton flocking on the inside increases wearing comfort.

These gloves are available in yellow, in sizes S to XL.

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