Disposable clothing

The handling of foodstuffs, in particular, requires optimal workplace hygiene. Workwear plays an important role here. If you need disposable clothing, COMCOPLAST has the right range of products for you.

Disposable gloves

In the catering sector, behind fresh-food and serving counters in the retail sector and wherever hand hygiene plays an important role, you can rely on our top-quality disposable gloves.

From simple disposable gloves made of HDPE, which are often used (for example) at diesel fuel pumps, to disposable gloves made of vinyl, nitrile or latex, COMCOPLAST can always supply the right product at the optimum price.

Furthermore, our practical dispenser boxes make the gloves easy to extract. Gloves are available in all standard sizes and a variety of colours, and - depending on your requirements - powdered or powder-free.

Further information on our gloves can be found in the COMCOCLEAN section. If you are looking for gloves carrying your own brand design, you will probably find our goods for resale section interesting.

Disposable aprons

Despite their unisex design, our disposable aprons, made of stable LDPE, offer an optimum fit, and are designed for use wherever foodstuffs are processed or produced. They are typically used at serving counters and in (catering) kitchens, butchers’ shops, bakeries, etc.

Sub-packaging in hygienic dispenser bags makes the aprons easy to take out as required. Alternatively, they can be supplied with blocking for hanging up. In conjunction with our gloves and disposable hats, they are the perfect choice for complying with HACCP industrial hygiene guidelines.

Disposable hats etc.

Having sorted out hygienic clothing for the hands and body, you may still need disposable shoe or head coverings.

Our white disposable hats, made of heavy-duty paper, and our plastic shoe covers complete our range of hygienic workwear for your staff.

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