Blue Angel

Social responsibility and environmental awareness are of key importance to COMCOPLAST and its customers. We try to reflect this, first and foremost by using resource-friendly materials.

For over ten years, we have been successfully producing carrier bags in accordance with the procurement guidelines of the "Blue Angel" ecolabel. This label stands for environmentally friendly products and services, and is well-known worldwide. In the case of carrier bags, it signifies that at least 80% of the plastics used were derived from post-consumer waste. This ensures not only a high degree of independence from the crude oil market, but also the use of resource-conserving raw materials. Moreover, the carrier bags can subsequently be recycled again (regranulated) by being channelled into one of the dual systems.

In addition, we also sell, for example, cotton carrier bags, which are produced from e.g. fairtrade cotton or organic cotton. However, Oeko-Tex certification guarantees that even our conventional cotton carrier bags pose no risk to human health or the environment.

To round off our environmentally friendly product line, of course we also make organic carrier bags. The granulate used for these is produced from non-fossil resources, such as maize, potato starch or lactic acid (PLA).

In addition to our commitment to environmentally-friendly products and observance of our self-imposed social commitments (Code of Engagement, Code of Conduct), we are also member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). Moreover we refrain on principle from sending gifts to our customers, e.g. at Christmas. Instead, COMCOPLAST donates the money saved in this way every year to non-profit organizations. One organization which has benefited from these donations in recent years is Medecins Sans Frontieres.

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