Cling film

COMCOPLAST's cling film is manufactured from polyethylene and has particularly high tear and puncture resistance.

Cling film’s loose molecular bonds give it a high degree of adhesion, allowing it to wrap around and cling to the goods being wrapped (with the exception of smooth surfaces, such as glass, porcelain or metal) with an airtight seal. The film is available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

We recommend the use of cling film for almost all foodstuffs, with the exception of hard cheeses and fish, for which we would recommend that you use COMCOPLAST's aluminium foil.

Tip: If you keep cling film in the refrigerator, the film will be less self-adhesive.

All cling film can be ordered in standard versions or to your own specifications.

Display boxes for these can be custom printed and ordered in a variety of box specifications and qualities, and with or without a tear-off bar. Packaging in custom-printed multipack boxes, for optimal presentation at the POS, is also an option.

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