Duplex paper

These sheets made of paper and film, typically used for the packaging of deli meat and cheese slices, is referred to as a "fresh pack" or duplex paper.

Duplex paper is assembled from a printable paper sheet and a thin sheet of film (HDPE) by bonding the film at certain points. The bonding at certain points results in an air cushion between the paper and the plastic sheet, which helps to extend the life of the packaged goods. At the same time, these can later be disassembled into their individual material components (paper and plastic), which optimizes the disposal costs for dual systems.

Various grades of paper can be selected; these can later be printed with up to 5 colours by means of flexographic printing.

COMCOPLAST offers on demand all paper carrier bags composed of FSC® (C129402) or PEFC certified paper.

The following grades of paper are available:

  • white kraft paper (sulphite pulp)
  • bright white kraft paper (sulphite pulp)
  • cellulose paper (with recycled content)
  • brown kraft paper (sulphate pulp)

In addition, you can also specify the grammage of the paper. You can also select the material used for the film and its thickness. The type of printing can be freely selected, within certain parameters.

Finally, you just need to decide on one or more sizes. These are given in sheet fractions – i.e. 1/8, 1/6, 1 / 4 and 1/2 sheet.

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