Functional bags

A wide variety of demands are made on modern service packaging in bag form. Sometimes they are expected to have an insulating effect, in order to keep the contents warm or cold. Sometimes, however, precisely the opposite is desired, and an exchange of air is required in order to allow the contents to cool down without condensation forming in the bag. The more specific the requirement, the more specific are the function bags made by COMCOPLAST.

Chicken bags

Our chicken bags are made of composite material and consist of paper on the outside and aluminium on the inside. The aluminium foil keeps the chickens warm for longer and at the same time prevents the leakage of grease and odour. The bags are printed with a neutral motif, but can be given a customised print motif on request. The bags are available in two sizes, for half chickens and whole chickens.

Fish bags

In addition to our fish film, we also offer a variety of fish bags for the packaging of fresh fish. These multi-layered bags come in bio-polyethylene paper, thermal paper or aluminium-PE laminated paper. The bags can be custom printed to provide an eye-catcher on your fresh fish counter. The self-adhesive seal and the different formats available make it possible to package all types of fish quickly and without leakage.

CPP bags & folding bags

CPP bags are widely used, for example, as packaging for freshly baked goods; in bakeries in retail food stores they are sometimes filled with goods that are still warm. Bags made of highly transparent CPP are highly suitable for perforation; this prevents the formation of condensation in the bags, and the contents remain fresh for longer. The bags are available in various sizes and thicknesses, and can also be custom printed. On request, these bags are available with a bottom / side gusset, a block or a flap on one side.

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