Freezer bags

A freezer bag is a bag made of cold-resistant film, which is suitable for freezing foodstuffs and keeping them fresh (- 50° C to + 120° C).

Additives are added to the PE film, which, when the bag is firmly sealed, protects the frozen food from freezer burn and loss of vitamins.

COMCOPLAST's freezer bags have no effect on taste, and feature a labelling area so that you can see at a glance the type of food and the date it was frozen, even after a long period of time.

Our goods for resale range include freezer bags with zip seals or with sealing clips. These are also suitable for use with a vacuum pump.

All freezer bags can be ordered in standard versions or to your own specifications.

Display boxes for these can be custom printed and ordered in a variety of box specifications and qualities.

Packaging in custom-printed multipack boxes, for optimal presentation at the POS, is also an option.

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