Private brands

In addition to the traditional brand products in the higher price segment, there has been a tremendous increase in own brands (private label) on the market in recent years.

Strong own brands create customer loyalty to your stores and increase your price autonomy and price flexibility. In addition, they improve your margin while simultaneously raising your company’s profile.

However, for your strong own brands you need a strong partner, and this is where COMCOPLAST comes in. We already have a proven track record of working with the major German discount stores, which use our products on a daily basis.

We have many years of experience in the design of customised packaging solutions for our customers, as goods for resale differ from service packaging in that the appeal lies not in the quality of the product alone, but also in its high-quality sales packaging. Printing on the packaging that is tailored to your brand, an optimized display box and an excellent price-performance ratio can help to present your own brand in the best light at the POS.

You have the brand, we have the right product for it!

Our range of goods for resale includes the following products:

  • refuse bags
  • hygiene bags
  • sandwich bags
  • refuse sacks
  • drawstring bags
  • cling film
  • aluminium foil
  • baking paper
  • freezer bags
  • serviettes
  • disposable & reusable gloves
  • and much more ...

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