T-shirt bags

T-shirt bags are usually bags with a low weight per unit area, which can be distinguished from other types of bags by their T-shirt-shaped appearance. Due to the low material input requirements, T-shirt bags are preferably made from HDPE. Of course, it is also possible to use LDPE, MDPE or coex, for example in order to obtain higher-quality printed images.   

The long carrying loops make T-shirt bags the most comfortable to carry, after flexi-loop carrier bags.

In addition, they offer an optimal price-performance ratio, so T-shirt bags are often used at weekly markets, in the food service industry and in the food retail sector.

In addition to a wide variety of neutral standard designs, T-shirt bags can also be manufactured and printed to your specifications. You can choose from options under a series of parameters, such as :

  • with or without a side gusset
  • type of material (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, coex or regenerate)
  • material thickness in µm
  • length and width
  • loose, rolled or blocked
  • special Sonoco blocks for self-scanning checkouts
  • number of print colours
  • print area

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