Knot bags & dispensers

There are very few food retailers who do not use knot bags in their fruit and vegetable departments.

Thanks to their consistently high quality and the excellent value for money they provide, our knot bags are extremely popular, and as a result, in Europe millions of them are used every day.

Knot bags

Knot bags are like small, thin T-shirt carrier bags, mostly in transparent designs.

They are generally made of HDPE and usually have a thickness of between 6 and 15 µm. In our standard line, we carry knot bags with a carrying capacity of 3 kg or 5 kg. Other formats can of course also be produced, above a certain quantity.

We distinguish here between knot bags on rolls and blocked knot bags which are connected to each other between or above the handles by a bar block.

On request, we can also print the bags on one side or we deliver them biodegradable. These bags are certified with the signet OK compost Home®.

COMpackt knot bags

Our unique COMpackt knot bag solution is particularly popular.

Special folding during the production process, together with a well-engineered perforation device, make it easy to tear off the bags.

In addition, having a large number of bags on the roll reduces the amount of time spent by your staff refilling the bags, and thus ensures excellent bag availability coupled with optimal presentation at the fruit & vegetable counter.

Due to the special folding, COMpackt knot bags can be used in a space-saving counter dispenser system, precisely at those points where the end consumer needs the bags.

This eliminates the need for annoying floor stands that get in the way of the end consumers with their shopping trolleys and adversely affect the appearance of your retail space.


Dispensing systems

Of course, we do also supply dispenser systems, such as floor and counter stands with T-pieces and dispensers, for conventional knot bags. Depending on what is required, these can either be placed freestanding on the sales floor or attached directly to the fruit and vegetable crates.

In addition, we also stock blocked knot bags in dispenser bags (easy-to-pick). These have an extraction opening at the base, from which the individual bags can be extracted. Placed in a prominent position and with multi-colour printed advertising on the dispenser bags, they can provide an eye-catcher for your fruit and vegetable area.

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