Microwave trays

The demographic shift in society (increase in the number of single households), along with consumers’ chronic lack of time, have led to an increase in the demand for convenience and ready meals, particularly in Germany.

In addition to traditional frozen products, many food retailers therefore now have convenience counters, at which consumers can quickly and easily find a ready-made meal.

Here, too, COMCOPLAST can offer you an optimal packaging solution.

The DOT tray provides the option of packaging precooked meals at the POS and offering them to end consumers at a service counter (possibly with hotplate).

They can then quickly and easily warm up their ready meals in a microwave or oven, or freeze them for later use.

Furthermore, the tray also has excellent barrier properties, so it can equally well be used as a MAP tray.

Ready to eat!

Can be used in all standard ovens up to 200° C, or in a microwave at maximum temperature.

Our DOT tray is also excellently well-suited for freezing (-40° C) directly followed by heating (+200° C) in the oven or microwave.

The tray itself does not become hot, so there is no risk of burns.

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