Refuse bags & refuse sacks

We have many years of experience in the marketing of refuse bags & sacks, and stock a wide range of products in a great variety of materials, such as LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, coex or regenerate.

We can supply all types of roll goods with perforations or interleaved foldings, drawstring bags and loose goods.

Generally, the refuse sack sizes are based on the corresponding refuse containers or the uses for which they are intended.

Refuse bags are smaller refuse sacks made of thinner material (mostly HDPE), which are usually traded under this description up to a maximum capacity of 70 l.

The sizes range from small bathroom bin liners up to liners for standard medium-sized waste containers.

As goods for resale, star bottom bags with carrier handles have become popular in recent years, as, besides handling higher loads in the bottom gusset, they are very convenient to use for transporting waste.

Refuse sacks, by contrast, are used for larger waste containers.

To take into account their higher capacity, they are typically made of thicker material.

In the goods for resale segment, the most commonly used refuse sacks are those made of regenerate or drawstring sacks with a sealed-in plastic strap around the top which can be used to close the refuse sacks and make them easier to transport.

All refuse bags and sacks can be ordered in standard versions or to your own specifications.

Sleeves can be custom printed and ordered in a variety of specifications and qualities.

Packaging in custom-printed multipack boxes, for optimal presentation at the POS, is also an option.

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