Refuse bags & refuse sacks

COMCOCLEAN refuse sacks and refuse bags have been specially developed for professional building-cleaning services and for industrial applications. They are produced from carefully selected materials, and are packaged in optimized cardboard packaging. In addition to our standard product line, we can produce special sizes on request. They can also be printed with e.g. your logo.

We carry the following lines:

  • refuse bags
  • refuse sacks
  • recycling sacks
  • paper sacks

Refuse bags are obtainable in sizes from 5 l up to 90 l in a variety of thicknesses, and depending on the type are made of HDPE, MDPE or LDPE film.

Our refuse sacks come in sizes ranging from approx. 30 l to 1000 l and in a variety of thicknesses for different loads. While blue sacks are the main product in this line, we also supply sacks in red, green, yellow, white, grey and black for separating waste. Transparent sacks will help you as a form of protection against theft.

Hygiene bags

COMCOCLEAN has developed a visually appealing hygiene bag dispenser for easy installation in women's toilets. The dispensers are available in a white or metallic finish, and can be mounted in the toilet cubicles using either screws or adhesive strips. We can supply you with compatible hygiene bags.

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