Open-cell trays

Some food retailers - primarily superstores and hypermarkets - pack foodstuffs for their customers at their fresh-food counters and in their own meat processing units. For this, they use open-cell trays made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), as these are able to absorb liquids such as those which drain from fresh meat. In open-cell trays, liquid passes through holes into the interior of the tray and is retained there by a special absorption layer.

This eliminates the need for the absorbent inlays which were previously used, thus improving the packaging’s appearance and handling at the POS.

Our open-cell trays come in a variety of formats and colours. Whether for meat or fish, we have the right solution for any packaged goods!

The optimal geometry of the trays and their high degree of stability ensure excellent machinability.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help!

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