Paper bags

Paper bags are used primarily by bakeries, butcher's shops and other fresh-produce divisions of the food retail sector.

Compared to conventional plastic bags, paper bags offer the advantages of a higher-quality appearance and the possibility of full-surface printing, thereby upgrading the packaged goods.

COMCOPLAST offers on demand all paper carrier bags composed of FSC® (C129402) or PEFC certified paper.

Strip window bags

These bags are used in many baking shops and in-store bakeries in the food retail sector. Such bags enable fresh baked goods to be presented attractively to the end consumer.

The bags come in numerous sizes and paper grades. The use of PP, OPP or PET film makes it easy to see the baked goods, despite the packaging. In addition, perforations in the film prevent the formation of condensation in the case of warm baked goods. Strip window bags come in a variety of formats and styles, for example with the strip window taking up 25% or 50% of the surface area.

Their high-quality appearance is rounded off by a customised multi-coloured print on the paper or on the film.

Side-gusseted bags

Side-gusseted bags made of paper are frequently used at fresh-food counters and are used in nearly all bakeries. COMCOPLAST can supply you with side-gusseted bags in various sizes. These are normally manufactured from brown or white kraft paper, which can be ordered in different grammages. With the addition of high-quality printed advertising, side-gusseted bags provide secure and promotionally effective service packaging for deli meats and cheeses, fresh meat and bakery products.

Block bottom bags and cross bottom bags

These terms refer to the design of the bottom of the bag. A greater capacity can be achieved with a side gusset in conjunction with a rectangular bottom. Their flat bottoms mean that these bags stand upright even when empty and are therefore easier to fill. Bags which do not have a side gusset are referred to as bottom bags.

All these bags can be ordered from us in a variety of paper grades, grammages and formats. On request, the bags can also be full-surface printed in multiple colours.

Conical bags

Conical bags are popular as packaging for fruit and sweets. The kraft paper that is used is available in various grammages, and can be multi-colour printed. On request, we can also supply you with conical bags that are coated on the inside. Grease resistance is achieved through the use of a PE coating, allowing them to be filled with French fries, for example.

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