Paper carrier bags

Just like the plastic carrier bag, the paper carrier bag is also an important part of our everyday life.

Paper is a material that is composed chiefly of plant fibres. There are many different types of paper, but kraft paper is generally used for the production of paper carrier bags. A characteristic of kraft paper is its particularly high tear strength. Alternatively, COMCOPLAST also offers carrier bags made of recycled paper or a high proportion of waste paper. Using a proportion of waste paper is more resource-efficient and thus more environmentally friendly. However, it should be borne in mind that higher proportions of waste paper diminish the strength of the paper.

COMCOPLAST offers on demand all paper carrier bags composed of FSC® (C129402) or PEFC certified paper.

Furthermore, COMCOPLAST allows you to select the following features:

  • surface texture (smooth or longitudinally or transversely ribbed)
  • colouring
  • grammage
  • printing
  • proportion of waste paper

We also offer a wide range of options for the handles of paper carrier bags. Whether you opt for punched handles, twisted paper, cotton cords, flat handles, PVC strips/loops or polypropylene cords, we can cater to your needs!

Are you looking for a freezer carrier bag made of paper? Then why not take a look here?

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