Long-life carrier bags

From the materials used, the thickness of the materials and the way the bags are constructed, it is clear that long-life carrier bags (including fabric carrier bags) are intended for long-term use. Long-life carrier bags are extremely strong and versatile. They are made of PP, RPP, PET, RPET and are produced in either woven or non-woven designs.

Initially, for producing the fibres, a polymer is heated in an extruder and brought to high pressure. Following extrusion, the polymer is stretched into filaments from the melted material. The resulting yarn is processed into fabric lengths on a flat or circular loom.

In woven designs, the non-woven fabric is then laminated with a printed outer film and fabricated into a carrier bag.

By contrast, for non-woven carrier bags, the non-woven fabric is scored and/or roughened using blades, resulting in a fleece-like surface. In the next stage the fabric is printed, and the bags are then sewn from this.

COMCOPLAST can manufacture long-life carrier bags from new material, recyceld material or mixed fabric, as required. In addition, the bags can be provided with fixed or flexible bases, elaborate handles, Velcro fastenings, bottle holders, laminated finishes, piping and photo-realistic printing in up to 8 colours.

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