Raw material prices

COMCOPLAST now sources its various products from a large number of different countries. Constant monitoring of raw materials is therefore necessary, as they are such a key factor. Only in this way is it possible to respond quickly to future price movements.

Nowadays, raw materials, just like the products manufactured from them, are traded and priced on a global basis. As far as service packaging is concerned, this means that, in addition to European price listings, you must also keep an eye on Asian price listings for the most important raw materials. Information on these is provided by various information services, such as KI, Euwid, Icislor, Platts, etc. Through these services, you can receive the current prices for key raw materials, such as LDPE, HDPE, regenerate or various paper grades, at regular intervals. This information is supplemented by the dollar exchange rate, along with the prices for cotton and aluminium, both of which are also used for the production of service packaging and goods for resale.


Unfortunately, we cannot display any of the listings here, as a fee is charged for accessing such listings and we are not allowed to publish them. The sole exception is KI’s "Plastixx" index, which is calculated monthly on the basis of the market prices calculated and published by KI for standard thermoplastics and engineering thermoplastics in Western Europe. Of course, this chart is quite vague, as it is broadly based, but it does at least show the trend in the movement of European plastics prices.

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