COMCOPLAST has a wide range of trays which are needed at the POS for the packaging and presentation of foodstuffs. The multitude of requirements posed by the many different kinds of foods means that there are inevitably numerous types of trays.

The various types of trays differ in terms of, on the one hand, tray geometry and material composition (EPS, PS, PET, PP, etc.) and, on the other, surface structure. For example, there are open-cell trays, which absorb liquids, or standard trays, in which liquid is absorbed by a separate absorbent inlay.

Naturally, most of the tray types are available in a variety of formats. Besides width and height, depth is also an important measurement. Shallow trays without edges are also called pre-cuts, or cheese or cold meat trays. Finally, for selling at the POS, these trays and pre-cuts are wrapped in stretch film or sealed with sealing film, by machine or by hand.

In addition to traditional trays, there are numerous other related products. Deli tubs, with separate or integrated lids, are used for such items as sauces, salads, antipasti, etc. We also stock pastry containers and special convenience trays which, as well as having good packaging properties, first and foremost enhance the presentation of the product.

In response to increasing environmental awareness among consumers, we now have bio-trays for a wide variety of different uses. The trays, which are manufactured mainly from renewable raw materials, reflect this increased awareness.

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