Standard trays

The right tray for every application. The many and varied uses to which trays are put have given rise to a multitude of different types of trays. Regardless of what you want to package attractively – be it cold cuts, fresh meat, cheese, fruit, hot dishes, etc. - there is always the perfect tray.

EPS trays

In addition to open-cell EPS trays, there are also expanded polystyrene trays with a smooth surface. These trays are used either for products that do not release moisture, or in conjunction with a separate insertable absorbent inlay.

Of course, we also stock EPS trays without edges for use as traditional cold meat and cheese trays and EPS pre-cuts.

Our range of EPS trays is rounded off by a variety of models in different formats and depths (e.g. for chicken or fish), and in various colours.

Our team of consultants will be happy to provide you with further assistance!

Meat containers

In addition to our EPS tray product line, we also supply meat containers made of non-foamed plastics, such as PP, PS or PET, for use with hot food.

These trays are available from us with separate, highly transparent, resealable lids.

Salad containers

Rounding off this product line are our salad containers, made of PP, PS and PET.

The salad containers can also be ordered with separate, highly transparent, resealable lids.

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