Freezer carrier bags

Alongside conventional carrier bags, freezer carrier bags have an essential role to play in transporting refrigerated and frozen food, particularly in the food retail sector.

COMCOPLAST can offer you two bag options, with a multi-layer design for keeping items cool.

By far the most common freezer carrier bag consists of thick PE-foam ISO insulation as the base material, with a metallic outer layer to prevent the effects of heat radiation on the goods being transported. This cooling effect is enhanced through the application of an additional outer film so that the air circulation between the two films results in cooling of the ambient temperature.

The wide double-sided handle moulding on the bag opening provides the freezer bag with an airtight seal; this inhibits warming of the refrigerated goods for approximately 2-3 hours. Enough time to carry your refrigerated and frozen goods home safely.

The outer film can be printed with up to 8 colours, to your requirements.

Besides traditional PE-based freezer carrier bags, we can also supply standard three-layered freezer bags made of paper and aluminium.

This product also makes use of the air circulation between the three base materials and prevents the penetration of heat radiation through airtight enclosure of the aluminium layer on the inside.

The loop-like paper handles also make them extremely comfortable to carry.

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