Carrier bags

Carrier bags are an indispensable transport utensil, without these everyday life is hard to imagine. They provide protection for the goods being transported, while simultaneously also serving as a means of transport and as advertising space.

Our carrier bags play a part in “carrying” forward the retail sector, as we keep a constant eye on advertising effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Our range comprises:

Plastic carrier bags made of virgin material: 

We extrude LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, coex films, PP and PET for our carrier bags. All of these are designed for repeated use and can ultimately be recycled through dual systems.


Plastic carrier bags made of recycled PE: 

Our "combags" offer you an environmentally friendly carrier bag made of recycled LDPE, which consists of at least 80% post-consumer plastic waste. In 1999, we were granted the right to use the "Blue Angel" ecolabel in compliance with RAL-UZ 30a. Furthermore we offer long-life carrier bags made of recyceld PP and PET.


Cotton carrier bags: 

Comcoplast offers its customers cotton and jute carrier bags in different qualities and specifications to the point of Fairtrade and organic cotton (GOTS). Textile confidence is not just a word for us. Therefore we manufacture our bags in correspondence with Oeko-Tex 100.


Paper carrier bags: 

COMCOPLAST's paper carrier bags are made mainly of kraft paper, and are available in a variety of designs. Also possible are bags made from either Blue Angel or FSC® (C129402)-paper.


Carrier bags made of composite materials: 

By composite-material carrier bags, we mean bags that are made from a mixture of materials, which are combined to form a new inseparable composite material.


Organic carrier bags:


Our organic carrier bags are manufactured from 90% non-fossil materials. These derive  chiefly from natural resources (e.g. maize, potato starch, PLA) .

We supply standard and special formats, unprinted carrier bags or excellent printed designs with up to 10 colours on each side. Depending on the type of carrier bag, you can purchase these in loose, blocked or rolled form. 

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