Environment and resources

Many consumers are now significantly more critical with regard to the quality and origin of the products they purchase. This applies both to food (organic products), and ultimately also to the packaging in which food is transported.

Constantly recurring reports regarding food and environmental scandals, together with growing environmental awareness among consumers, are also increasingly bringing the issue of sustainability to the attention of the packaging industry.

COMCOPLAST aims not only to support this trend, but also to make its own active contribution toward it, by developing and marketing environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving products.

Our product range therefore includes numerous types of reusable packaging, such as carrier bags made from paper, PP fabric or cotton, as well as products made from bioplastics.  For biodegradability, these bioplastics are manufactured based on cellulose, starch, or lactic acid, for example. In addition, dispensing with fossil fuel materials means that these plastics are resource-friendly and, once they have obtained DIN EN 13432 certification, are eligible for labelling with the "Seedling" logo.

Moreover, our regenerate carrier bags, which are recommended by well-known environmental activists (see here), also take environmental aspects into account. In addition, the bags are RAL-certified, and are allowed to carry the "Blue Angel" ecolabel, the first and most well-known label of its kind in the world.

Besides environmental certifications, there are other standards and awards attesting to the high quality and sustainability of the products we trade in.

  • Oeko-Tex
  • Organic cotton (GOTS)
  • FSC® (C129402)
  • PEFC
  • Blue Angel (for plastic and paper)
  • Seedling
  • Food grade compliance
  • Fairtrade
  • GRS - Global Recycle Standard
  • OK compost Home®

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