Our company

COMCOPLAST is one of the leading European providers of service packaging. Our products are used by millions every day, particularly in the food retail sector.

As part of an international group of companies, we have been offering our customers a range of service packaging that meets their needs for 30 years. Our customers include, on the one hand, large companies in the food retail sector, the meat industry and the chain store sector and, on the other, nursing care facilities, building-cleaning and hygiene companies, which we supply with COMCOCLEAN-brand and other products.

COMCOPLAST has an established and proven track record as a systems supplier. With an optimized mix of our own products supplemented by a range of  products from our highly specialized production partners, we always strive to find the best packaging solution for our customers, from carrier bags printed with photo-realistic motifs to standardized mass products. Our multinational locations allow us to constantly monitor developments in all the major sourcing markets, and offer our customers expert product and logistics solutions - in Germany and beyond.

COMCOPLAST has a broad product range, which currently spans the following product groups:

In addition, there are further items that we either carry as special items at a customer's request or broker. That is, you negotiate with your supplier, and we handle the distribution.

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