Vision and values

A clear vision and lived values underpin all our actions, and are reflected in our corporate culture at all levels.

In addition, they create an environment in which our employees are able to work with commitment and enjoyment.

COMCOPLAST strives to create service packages that allow customers to package and transport their products effectively and efficiently. This should be done in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible and as economical as necessary.

Our vision

COMCOPLAST is a leading supplier of products that make packaging and transport easier and better.

Our values

Our customers are at the center of what we do.

We provide optimized product solutions.

We stand for excellent quality at low prices.

We focus on innovation.

We see change as an opportunity.

We owe our success to our employees.

We operate sustainably and in a socially responsible way.

We pursue an active and open information policy.

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