Sheets made of plastic

Every day, millions of plastic sheets are used at countless fresh-food counters in food retail stores and in butcher's shops. They are inexpensive and protect the packaged goods from drying out, and their high level of transparency means that the packaged goods are always clearly visible.

Such sheets are used mainly for packaging deli meats and cheeses.

PP sheets

Our economical sheets made of polypropylene (PP) are used at fresh-food counters throughout the food retail sector. Sub-packaging in practical and hygienic dispensers means that the individual sheets can be extracted quickly and cleanly. Of course, you can also purchase blocked products rather than loose pre-cut sheets. The sizes are normally given as 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 sheets, and we can adjust the thickness of the material to suit your needs.

OPP sheets

OPP plastic sheets (previously cellophane) are our highest-quality sheets. OPP sheets have extremely high transparency and enormous tear strength. Their rigidity makes them easier to extract, significantly reducing handling costs at the POS.

The dimensions are calculated in sheets, and the material thickness can be adjusted to suit your needs - if required, we can supply these pre-cut sheets right down to 12 µm, so this option is also attractive in terms of price.

HDPE sheets

As the traditional sheets made of PP or OPP are not suitable for every purpose, we can also supply you with fabricated sheets made of traditional HDPE.

Special formats or perforated rolls for counters are also available. Size and material thickness, with or without perforations, on rolls, loose or blocked - you can configure all of these variables individually, so that we can provide you with a product tailored to your needs.

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