Sheets made of paper

Besides traditional sheets made of plastic, other sheets are needed for the packaging of certain foodstuffs. These are manufactured from paper, to which additional properties are added through particular processing steps.

Waxed paper

COMCOPLAST's waxed paper are paper sheets that are coated in paraffin on one side or both sides during production.

This gives these paper sheets special water-proof and aroma-proof characteristics, which is why they are used primarily for the packaging of odour-emitting substances and those that should not be allowed to dry out.

Artificial parchment paper

Artifical parchment paper is the name for the greaseproof paper you will be familiar with from sandwich bags (for example). It derives its greaseproof qualities essentially from the particular way in which its cellulose fibres are ground, which results in the individual fibres being thoroughly split and crushed. However, it is not waterproof or boil-proof.

COMCOPLAST can supply you with these sheets in a variety of formats and different grammages - on request, they can also be supplied on rolls.

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